Best New York Window Treatments: Benefits and Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments do not only provide the shade we need but it also dictates the overall atmosphere of a room. Window treatments come in different sizes, colors, texture and designs, allowing you to control the entrance of light and protecting you and your properties from too much UV rays. Window treatments have different types such as shutters, solar shade window treatments, wood blinds, Roman shades, faux wood blinds, cellular shades, woven wood shades, panel track blinds, roller shades, sheer shades, plated shades, and drapery.

Shutters are considered a classic style of window treatment that add great value to your home because of its elegance and beauty inside out. Solar shades are also referred to as "window sunglasses" because of their opaque design, allowing preservation of the outside view, while providing a considerable control of light entering your room. Wood blinds never go out of style and they can remain durable over the years, providing a warm look along with another wood flooring, trim, and furniture. Looking for real wood, faux wood blinds are a cheaper option, usually made of vinyl, PVC or composite wood material, they have high resistance to moisture, which is an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens wherein real wood would otherwise crack or warp. The best insulators are cellular shades, which are energy-efficient due to their honeycomb cells trapping air between the room and the window, resulting in heat loss during summer and heat gain during winter. Woven wood shades are textured, adding instant natural feel to your room, and are made of different materials such as bamboo, reeds, and grasses. Fabric trim increases privacy and customizes woven wood shade to your space. Look up motorized shades nyc for more options. 

One of the most affordable windows treatments NY options is the  roller shades, that are rolled up neatly and gently onto a tube to make them appear discreet and minimal when raised. Roller shades allow you to choose the considerable amount of light entering your room through its filtering options. Sheer shades have two features which are the soft fabric vanes and the sheer fabric facings. Diffused light is allowed to enter inside when the vanes are open, preserving your view of the outside, and sheer shades with room-darkening designs can completely block the entrance of light. Pleated shades give your home a semi-sheer and casual look, made from one piece of fabric with pleats which stack and collapse.

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